September 15th, 2020

“I have had the honor to spend virtually all of my 50+ year professional life as a prosecutor, a principal of a law firm and as a Circuit Court Judge. In each role, I have always appreciated both a well-run law firm, and attorneys who are prepared for court, learned practitioners, and civil in their interactions to all parties. This is precisely who you have with my good friends Russell W. Shipley and Arthur J. Horne Jr. I have known Russ for over 55 years, having shared many clients, made many referrals, and having presided over many of his cases during my tenure on the bench. Russ is a lawyer’s lawyer and a true legend in Prince George’s County. He earned my respect early on, and I am also proud to call him friend.

More recently, I have come to know and respect Art, as well. I’ve had many an opportunity to witness Art’s professional growth over nearly 3 decades. I continue to marvel at his diligence, legal talent and savvy business acumen, along with his unwavering commitment to the Prince George’s County community. Ever humble, Art has earned the respect of countless clients, community members, judges, elected officials, leaders and “fellow” attorneys in the region. He operates a class law firm and is a fine example of leadership for the young people in our profession.”